Monogramming Basics: Guide to Buying Customized Monogram Phone Cases

To rephrase a popular saying: the sweetest-sounding word to a man is his name. And there’s just something in each and every one us that make us delighted to have it marked on our possessions. This is where monogramming takes its charm. Basically composed of one or more letters, monograms have been widely used identification designs since time immemorial to mark status, power, skills, and ownership throughout different periods of history.

With the rise and fall of their significance, there came a time when monogramming was left only to the privileged and the gifted. However, modern technology has made monogramming more accessible and affordable to many and is often used as a creative form of expressing one’s personal style. You can find monograms almost anywhere: logos, cars, household furnishings, shirts, event invitations such as weddings etc.


Customized Monogram Phone Cases: Add Aesthetic Appeal and Protection

It’s no secret that people are stuck to their cell phones every single day. Cell phones have evolved over the past few years, with more and more features being added with each new improvement. It has come to the point where cell phones have everything you can ask for. They even have some of the functions you’d look for in a computer, only in a more portable (and much more accessible) form.
Since it’s inevitable that you would have the same cell phone model as someone else, making yours look unique means making use of customized monogram phone cases. There are so many designs out there that a person is sure to find one that would suit their tastes and style.

Picking the Perfect Cellphone Case

After spending quite a lot on buying your new smartphone, there’s no harm in spending a little more on a phone case to ensure that it’s safe from scratches or cracks from a fall. Some phone cases, however, aren’t just built to give protection for your phone, but are also designed to add personality to it, to make it stand out. Here’s what to look for to keep your phone decked out in style:

Know what you want on your monogrammed phone case. Remember, that there are hundreds of designs to choose from, and some even come with added features that can make your cover both functional and eye-catching.

Before setting out to buy a phone case, read some of the reviews on the type you’re interested in—feedback that you can read about online, or on several forums. Get an idea of the quality and make of the phone case you plan on buying. Also, make sure that the case has precise cut-outs where you can easily plug in your earphones or charger, and just the right hole for the camera.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your phone case; not only should the cover adequately protect your phone, it should also just as well make a statement about your unique individuality.

What to Look For in a Cellphone Case

Monogrammed cellphone cases are a great way to add a personal touch to your phone, but should a great design be the only thing you must look for when buying one? Aside from designs, here are the other things you should consider when buying your own cellphone case.

Access to Controls

Most smartphones have various buttons on the sides of the unit body: home, lock, and power. If your phone has all these buttons, then you should opt for a case that doesn’t obstruct or prevent you from accessing them. Also keep in mind your phone’s microphone, speakers, expansion slots, connection ports, and jacks.

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Smartphone Cases: Perfect Gifts for Techie Friends

Smartphones are (almost) everywhere, and once the technology becomes much more affordable, they will be even more accessible to everyone. So ubiquitous is the smartphone that it is not unusual to find people personalizing their phones. Personalizing a phone is more than just marking the device as yours; it is about making one of your most used and beloved devices more like a part of who you are.

If you have friends that are big into using smartphones, consider giving them something to make their phones stand out, such as phone cases. The average smartphone case is quite durable, and will protect the device from damage. Colorful cases also make a great way for your friends to personalize the look of their mobile devices, making it truly theirs. Continue reading