What to Look For in a Cellphone Case

Monogrammed cellphone cases are a great way to add a personal touch to your phone, but should a great design be the only thing you must look for when buying one? Aside from designs, here are the other things you should consider when buying your own cellphone case.

Access to Controls

Most smartphones have various buttons on the sides of the unit body: home, lock, and power. If your phone has all these buttons, then you should opt for a case that doesn’t obstruct or prevent you from accessing them. Also keep in mind your phone’s microphone, speakers, expansion slots, connection ports, and jacks.


Among many others, your cellphone case must be able to protect your phone from cosmetic damage, like chips and scratches. Most cellphone cases have varying levels of protection, and it depends on the material and its design. To know for sure what kind of protection your phone needs, you must consider the way you’re using your phone now.

Uniqueness and Personalization

One of the best things about cellphone cases is that you have lots to choose from, and you can simply get one that catches your eye. Want a cellphone case that can really stand out? You may even get them personalized, whether you want to get your name etched on them or you prefer using your own design for your cellphone case.


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